At one time, REN managed a resource center that included more than 6,000 items---books, reprints, artifacts, images, and videos. The collection was donated to California State University Library in 2007. The following difficult-to-find-books were first scanned to pdf format and included here. (To locate the items at CSUS, enter the search term "Southeast Asia Community Resource" in the advanced search menu at the link above.) Some are available from used and rare book resellers or from other digital libraries.

Archaimbault, New Year's Ceremony at Basak. Description of the cultural context and activiites of the New Year celebration in southern Laos. 1971.

Archaimbault, La Fete du Tat.  Essays in French and photos about Lao spirit ceremonies, Luang Prabang, and the new year celebrations in Luang Prabang and Xieng Khouang.

Barney, Meo of Xieng Khouang Province (Laos Paper No. 13). The Meo (Hmong) of Laos: social and polical organization, economy, material culture, folklore and beliefs, life cycle, and recent changes.

Bassene, In Laos and Siam. 1912 travelogue about Laos and Thailand, translated from French and reprinted in 1995. Review.

Bazancourt, Les Expeditions de Chine et de Cochinchine. In French. Account of an expedition through China and Indochina, 1862.

Bernatzik, Akha and Miao: Problems of Applied Ethnography. Detailed information and illustration of the social worlds of the Akha and Hmong of Thailand. Translated from German. 1970.

Bertrais, Dictionnaire Hmong-Francais. An early (1978) dictionary with White Hmong entry words and French definitions. 

Bertrais, Dab Neeg Phau Ib (Hmong Folktales Book 1). Fr. Bertrais collected audio recordings of folktales, then provided Hmong refugees in French Guiana with computers for transcribing the audio into written form. In Hmong. 1985.

Berval, Kingdom of Laos. Originally in French, 1956, translated into English 1959. Explains Laos and Laotians to outsiders. 

Blau, Organizing and Managing Unconventional Warfare in Laos. Previously classified document laying out the secret war in Laos 1962-70. 1972.

Bliatout, Hmong Sudden Unexpected Nocturnal Death Syndrome. Description of the syndrome by a Laotian Hmong professional. 1982. 

Boyes & Piraban, A Life Apart Viewed from the Hills. Book based on interviews with members of various hilltribe groups in Thailand: Yao (Mien), Akha, Lahu, Hmong, Lisu, Karen.  

Broderick, Little Vehicle, Cambodia and Laos. 1947 travel book about Cambodia and Laos, with 36 illustrations.

Buttinger, The Smaller Dragon, Political History of Vietnam. 1958 book about Vietnam, in the years when the French were ousted and just before the entry of the US into its political history.

Catlin, Music of the Hmong, Singing Voices and Talking Reeds. Paper the describes the structure of Hmong sung poetry and instrumental music, including details on how music is disguised speech, replicating the tones of words. 1980.

Cooper, Tapp, Yia Lee, The Hmong. Well-researched book about the Hmong in China and Thailand, with emphasis on economic reasons for social and geographic decisions. 1991.

Dooley, The Night They Burned the Mountain. Account of a doctor's experiences founding a hospital in Muong Sing, a remote area of Laos. 1960.

Downing, Hmong in the West: Observations and Reports. Papers delivered a national conference on Hmong resettlement in the United States. 1982.

Evans, Yellow Rainmakers. Book about evidence for use of aerial poisons, or "yellow rain", to defeat the remaining Hmong fighters in Laos.

Finkle, Hmong Recipe Cook Book. Recipes collected from Hmong refugees. 1985.

Franck, East of Siam. 1939 account of travels among the people of Vietnam when it was part of French Indochina.

Garnier, Further Travels in Laos and Yunnan. 1996 translation of 1885 report by the Mekong Exploration Commission about a trip along the Mekong from China to Laos in 1866-68. Includes drawings from the time.

Geddes, Migrants of the Mountains. Classic work on the Hmong in Thailand. 1976.

Graham, Songs and Stories of the Ch'uan Miao. Traditional oral lore of the Miao (Hmong) in China in the 1920s and 1930s. Describes the relationship between the majority Chinese and minority Hmong. It's interesting to compare tales over time and space, to see how knowledge is transmitted orally. 1954.

Grant, The Boat People. Investigative report on those who fled Vietnam; one of the few sources to address the Chinese in north Vietnam.

Halpern, American Policy in Laos. Reprint of a 1960 article that discusses Buddhist monks and Lao villagers, and the American plans for involvement.

Halpern, Kunstadter, Tribal People of Laos. Article that provides background information on the various people who came to the US as political refugees.

Harmand, Laos and Hilltribes of Indochina. 1997 translation of articles published in French periodicals between 1878-79, about journeys to the Boloven Plateau, Bassac, Hue, Laos.

Heimbach, White Hmong English Dictionary. Classic 1969 dictionary of White Hmong of Thailand with English definitions. Contains many terms from traditional village life.

Hendricks, Downing, Deinard, Hmong in Transition. Papers delivered at a national conference about Hmong resettlement in the US. 1986.

Hickey, Free in the Forest, Ethnohistory of the Vietnamese Central Highlands, 1954-76. Account of relations between highland ethnic groups and the Vietnamese government before and during the war. One of the few sources for information about the Rhade, Jarai, Bru, Sre, some of whom were resettled as refugees because of their association with American Green Berets. Volume 2. 

Hickey, Village in Vietnam. Volume 1. Ethnography of the people  of Khanh Hau, Vietnam, in the late 1950s. 1964.

Iwata, Minority Groups in Northern Laos, Especially the Yao (Mien) (Laos Paper No. 16). Background information.

Johnson's Folktales. Charles Johnson developed little reading books for ESL programs, in 2 levels of difficulty. They were illustrated by Hmong, and include Hmong text. Words and pictures from these books ended up in paj ntaub (story cloths) made in refugee camps. c. 1980.

Kerr, Lao-English Dictionary, Vol 1. 1972 dictionary with Lao words and English definitions.

Kerr, Lao-English Dictionary, Vol II

Lao Alphabet and Grammar (in Lao). School book from Laos.

Lao First Grade. School book from Laos.

Lao Second Grade. School book from Laos.

Lao Third Grade. School book from Laos.

Larteguy, The Bronze Drums, a novel about partisan warfare in modern Laos (set in 1944). 1967.

Lavalle, Last Flight from Saigon. Account of fall of Saigon, 1975.

Lavalle, Air Power and the 1972 Spring Invasion

Lemoine, L'Initiation du Mort Chez les Hmong. Funeral rituals of the Hmong. In French. 1991.

Lemoine, Un Village Hmong Vert du Haut Laos. Ethnography of Green Hmong of Laos. Many drawings. In French. 1972. 

Lemoine, Yao Ceremonial Paintings. Beautiful book about  Mien religious paintings. 1982.

Leepreecha, Hmong Proverbs. In Hmong, Thai, and English. 1994.

Luangpraseut 1984, Dara Reads Lao Book 1. Series  developed to teach  Lao literacy in US. 

Luangpraseut 1984, Dara Reads Lao Book 2. Series  developed to teach  Lao literacy in US. 

Luangpraseut 1985, Dara Reads Lao Book 3. Series  developed to teach  Lao literacy in US. 

Luangpraseut, Laos and the Laotians. Background information developed to teach outsiders about the people from Laos. 1995.

Luce, Vietnam: the Unheard Voices. Stories about people caught in the conflict in Vietnam. 1969.

Luong, Background of Ethnic Chinese from North Vietnam in Rancho Cordova. Paper developed for a college class, based on interviews with the Chinese refugees from Vietnam living in Rancho Cordova in 1980.

Lyman, Dictionary of Mong Njua. Dictionary of Green Hmong that uses an orthography (writing system) developed by Thomas Lyman. 1974.

Manich, History of Laos. 1967.

Matisoff, Linguistics of the Tibeto-Burman Area, vol. 10.2. Articles about the Miao-Yao languages, including one on the different orthographies competing for widespread use for the Mien language.

Meeker, Little World of Laos. 1959 account of Laos and her people.

McCoy, Politics of HeroinControversial argument for the role of Western heroin demand in the wars in Southeast Asia. 1973.

Mienh study book, Laos. Student’s book.

Mottin, 55 Chants d'Amour Hmong Blanc. Hmong and French. Transcriptions, translations, and explanations of Hmong sung poetry that is part of courtship. White Hmong in Thailand. 1980.

Mottin, Allons Faire le Tour du Ciel et de la Terre. Hmong shamans’ sung poetry and rituals. Photos. 1982.

Mottin, History of the Hmong. Classic history of the Hmong by Fr. Mottin, who lived in a Thai Hmong village for 7 years. 1980.

Mottin, Elements de Grammaire Hmong. Possibly the only description of White Hmong grammar. In Hmong and French. Many examples. 1980.

Ngaosyvath, Lao Women. In Lao.

Nguyen & Campbell, From Rice Paddies and Temple Yards. Traditional music of Vietnam. Many photos. Music and lyrics (Vietnamese and English).

Pfaff, Hmong in America: Journey from a Secret War. Account of the Hmong role in the secret war in Laos, with background information on the history and culture of the people, and ways in which they have acculturated to life in America. Developed to go with the Chippewa Valley project. 1995.

Roberts, Area Handbook for Laos. Early book about the people of Laos, for use by US military personnel. 1967.

Sam and Campbell, Silent Temples Songful Hearts: Traditional Music of Cambodia. Background of the Khmer people, description of songs, instruments, and dance. Contains many photos, music and lyrics (Khmer and English). 1991.

Sam & Sam, Khmer Folk Dance. Background and explanation of Khmer folk dance. Includes many photos, music and lyrics (in Khmer and English). 1987.

Schanche, Mister Pop. Adventures of a peaceful man in a small war, the inside story of American involvement in Laos. “Mr. Pop” is a well-known figure among the Hmong, and for many, the first Westerner they ever met. He was with US AID, dropping “rice from the sky” and generally supporting families whose men were fighting. 1967.

Strecker 1986, White Hmong Dialogues. Developed to teach Hmong to non-Hmong.

Tien, Duong, Vu, Pirates in the Gulf of Siam. Account of the horrors of escape by boat from Vietnam. Based on interviews with survivors in the Songkhla camp in Cambodia. 1981.

Toye, Laos, Buffer State or Battleground. Account of the political issues facing Laos in the 1960s based on what happened there in 1960-62. 1966.

USAF Plans and Policies in South Vietnam and Laos in 1964

Vang, Hmong Alphabet Pre-Primer for Learning Vowels (Pahawh)Book developed to teach the Pahawh writing sytem for Hmong. The alphabet was invented by a non-literate Hmong “sky soldier” and is associated with the Chao Fa. 1987.

Vang 1987, Learn How to Read Hmong (Pahawh)

Villa, Primary Word Book (Hmong English). Book developed for Hmong children learning English. 1982.

Vincent, Land of the White Elephant. 1988 reprint of 1884 book subtitled “Sights and scenes in Burma, Siam, Cambodia, and Cochin-China, 1871-72” and “personal narrative of travel and adventure in farther India.”

Viravong, History of LaosBook about Laos written by a Lao. 1964.

White, Showing the Way: A Hmong Initiation of the DeadEnglish version of Lemoine’s work recording and transcribing sung poetry for Hmong funerals. 1983.

Whitelock, White Hmong Language Lessons. Developed for English speakers who want to learn the Hmong language.

Yiu-Mienh Zieqv Nzangc Sou (Mien Primer 2). Developed for Mien literacy classes in a church.

Yiu-Mienh Zieqv Nzangc Sou (Mien Primer 3)

Yiu-Mienh Zieqv Nzangc Sou (Mien Primer 4)

Young, Hilltribes of Northern Thailand. Originally published in 1927, reprinted in 1962. Description of the many ethnic groups living in the mountains of Thailand. 

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